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A message from
Kodiak Master Guide:
Now is the best time ever to hunt   
                             GRIZZLY BEARS
"I have been guiding bear hunters on Kodiak
                                                  Island for
40 years, and
most                                          of my guides       
                                                  have also been
                                                  there from five    
                                                  to twenty years.
                                                  Taking a good    
                                                  trophy Kodiak    
                                                  bear is still a        
                                                  great challenge
                                                  and an               
                                                  and I feel that it
                                                  is substantially
better  hunting there for large bear now
than it was 4
0 years ago.  Even after
four decades of guiding there,
Kodiak remains one of
the most exciting of
all hunts for me."
      --Dennis Harms
Alaska Trophy Safaris' Goal
We have always felt a heavy commitment to work hard to get outstanding trophies for
our hunters.  Most clients become life-long friends.

Integrity of our guide:  Constant chance is an especially big part of trophy hunting: winter
weather, law changes, and many other factors come into play.  We never conduct a trip
unless we feel the outcome will be successful.

Our success can be attributed to hardworking enthusiastic hunters, experienced guides,
our conservative harvest program, and providing the right equipment for various hunts,
which includes tents, boats, motors, and some luck.
Alaska Trophy Safaris has over 40 years experience in guiding Alaska.  When you choose to hunt with us, you benefit from 3 decades worth of knowledge in
tracking, spotting and hunting the perfect trophy brown bear.   Nobody has been guiding Kodiak brown bear hunts longer than master guide Dennis Harms.  

There's nothing like bagging a giant Kodiak brown bear and there's no time like the present to do it.  The bears are bigger than ever, and our guides are the most
knowledgeable in Alaska.  Let Alaska Trophy Safaris help give you the hunt of your life time on Beautiful Kodiak Island, Alaska.  Give us a call today:  
Kodiak is a mountainous island off of Alaska's southwest coast, which covers 5,300 square miles and has many deep fjords around         
       the island and several large lakes.

                      Kodiak brown bears are the world's largest carnivores.  Large females weigh 650 pounds and a very large male can           
                            weigh up to 1500 pounds.

                                             Kodiak bears have been slowly evolving away from the rest of Alaskan brown bears, and today are                
                                                      generally larger, have wider faces, and a larger cranium than bears in other parts of Alaska.

                                                                          Over 50 years ago, about three-quarters of Kodiak Island was set aside as the
  National Wildlife Refuge to protect the habitat of brown bears and other wildlife.
                                                                                            There are approximately 3,000 Kodiak brown bears living on the Island,
                                                                                                        making it one of the largest concentrations of bears in the world.
Alaska Trophy Safaris  
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A l a s k a  T r o p h y  S a f a r i s
Over 40 years experience guiding in Alaska.
Kodiak Island  National Refuge         
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