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Mar. 8, 2011

We have chosen puppies for Animal Behaviorist, over 40 Veterinarians, Dog Trainers, etc. Like with anything you do for 12 years and are passionate about, you learn a lot and get really good at it. That is where we are at. "Scooter gives me so much joy and I want to share that joy with others," said Harvey. "It's gratifying to see how wonderful Scooter is with patients and how they respond to him. He is very affectionate and a tremendous source of comfort. It's amazing to see how calming the presence of a dog can be for patients. " It's not just patients who reap the rewards of pet therapy. Family members and friends say that they too feel better after having participated in a visit from a therapy dog. In addition to his specialized training in pet therapy, Scooter loves human contact and lots of petting. He is gentle, friendly and affectionate.

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Feb. 24, 2011

She final had a MRI that showed a mass and the base of her brain.

A golden doodle is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle.

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Protruding or sunken eyes are a fault. Watery or tearful eyes are a fault. Wide round or narrow almond shape is considered a fault. Teeth Scissor bite. Undershot or overshot bite is a major fault. Crowding teeth in miniatures is a fault.
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