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Mar. 8, 2011

However, gene therapy just might be the fastest and most efficient way to deal with them. Yes, of course there have been issues with genetic diseases in humans as well — often due to inbreeding and thus a lack of genetic diversity within those populations in some populations. For example, it is known that Ashkenazi Jews are at a higher risk of Tay Sachs disease than other groups. This could be due to a so called bottleneck effect, i. e. a situation in which there has been a relatively small group of breeding couples, making inbreeding more likely.

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Feb. 24, 2011

A well bred Goldendoodle shouldn't be shy or aggressive to people or other animals.

But Thomas aims to feed and walk and monitor her activities with such obsessive precision, it often leads me to roll my eyes.

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My girl now has cancer, but she got sick about 2 weeks after I ran out of Canna Pet and wasn’t stressing replacing, never sure if it was really that effective. Now I wonder if was keeping cancer at bay. Debating on starting chemo, but for sure we are back on Canna Pet and Canna Companion extra strength for night time and working on food as medicine using the Dog Cancer survival guide. And I agree, this article is wonderful. Thank you. What are alternative types of treatments for spinal issues and neurological issues?Our 10 year old rottie boy is struggling with spinal disc issues and his back legs are weak and he’s falling down alot.
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